Wednesday, July 3, 2013

List page controls design

This would be a quick post. More so for my remembrance than for enlightening public in general :)

Controlling the visibility of a form's controls and action pane buttons is something very common.
But doing so for a list page is not so common.

For a normal form, to make a field invisible you would write something like below in form's init() method.

 VendTable_ds.object(fieldNum(VendTable, yourField)).visible(false);  

For a list page, you would write something like below in that list page's interaction class's initialized() method.

 this.listPage().listPageFieldVisible(formControlStr(VendTableListPage, VendTable_YourField), false);  

More features
this.listPage().listPageArgs().menuItemName() - would let you control the list page's behavior depending on which menu item is your page getting called from.

this.listPage().actionPaneControlVisible and this.listPage().actionPaneControlEnabled - for controlling action panes behavior.

I refered VendTableListPageInteraction class for this post. Cheers.

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